"For every room - in your office, hotel, restaurant and home, we supply modern industrial furniture."

In 2014, the couple Sara & Jörgen went for a holiday trip to Vietnam. An unforeseen event occured that brought them to Ho Chi Minh City for a day. Hungry for lunch, they stumbled upon L’Usine Café, a meeting place with extraordinary spirit and atmosphere. Their curiosity lead to District Eight, the firm behind the concept with a design heritage from French colonial style and the early machine age. A meeting later, District Eight gave a slight promise to the couple bringing the concept to Sweden, despite their non experience from furniture industry. The rest is history.

Today Dunke Design is proud to be exclusive distributor for District Eight, driven by a mutual and close cooperation.

”We highly appreciate the added value in furniture and goods that are produced by thorough craftsmanship and unique in it’s design. Furniture and goods that are made by passion and ambition to last forever is what we strongly believe in and therefor the essence of Dunke Design. We provide furniture made to stay in your life forever” Sara & Jörgen, Dunke Design

Dunke Design AB is exclusive distributor for District Eight, a modern industrial furniture concept produced by excellent craftmanship to a reasonable price. Consider the quality and the details at any choosen unit from District Eight  and you are guarenteed a timeless design that withstands an everyday use.                                                                             

We offer selected products from District Eight to be purchased online.
For B2B request please contact jorgen@dunkedesign.se      

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