Theo Wall Unit with Large Shelves, "Exhibition sample"

8990 SEK 6900 SEK
This product has been used for display and therefore discounted. We guarantee the quality and finish to be similar to new ones.

Theo wall unit with large shelves, 5 shelves included.

125W x 31D x 211W
Shelves dimensions 118,5L x 30W ,with adjustable hight.

Theo Wall Units are a module based system, allowing the user to customize to meet their own home or office needs. All timber components are finished in exquisite hard fumed oak.

The wall system features 6 separate modules; a medium and a large modules with 5 shelves, a large 3 shelves unit with a desk, one large 3 shelves unit with a sliding door cabinet, one large module with 1 shelve with a clothing rail and drawer and one unit with sliding door cabinet and bar counter with 1 shelve.

Exhibition products are collected at store in Stockholm, Sweden or shipped at cost.

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